Green leaders

TiCATi is committed to supporting green hotel leaders that strive toward greener practices in the hotel industry. We have access to thousands of hotels that are trying to make the world a greener, better place. Whether it’s by offering local, vegan and organic food, using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints to improve their indoor air quality, cleaning with natural products for the safety of the plants as well as their guests, using renewable energy, recycling, reducing natural resources consumption, promoting clean transportation alternatives or supporting the local community and animal protection.

With TiCATi, you also have the unique ability to share your accommodation with another like-minded traveler that we recommend for you. You can reject or accept our suggestion, but we aim to drive the potential for human connectivity while saving on the cost of your room.

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    Book a green trip in minutes!

    Whether you are looking for a slick city break, craving some time on the beach, or wanting to head to the mountains to get lost in nature, we have something for you. Our interactive map and caring filters allow you to select the perfect eco-friendly accommodation for you.

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    Easy and efficient tailor-made travel

    Looking for a hotel with excellent, free WiFi? An incredibly comfortable bed? Free breakfast? Or perhaps one that offers vegan menu options? Whatever your preferences, we’ll help you find the ultimate accommodation for you. Let us know what you are looking for by selecting your preferences and we’ll do the rest.

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    Communicate hoteliers’ environmental and social initiatives

    TiCATi offers a platform for hoteliers to provide information about their sustainability initiatives. You can find out which hotels do what in their effort to create a better world—whether it’s by sourcing local, seasonal produce, using alternative energy, adopting effective waste treatment systems or supporting the local community—which allows you to play your part by choosing a hotel that employs sustainable actions.

Behind the green ratings

The green ‘leaf’ ratings are given to hotels that implement eco-conscious practices and initiatives. The greater the number of green initiatives a hotel undertakes, the higher their green rating. We add to the list of certifications and green criteria constantly to ensure we are always on top of the greenest practices in the industry.

Get involved — be part of the green movement

TiCATi not only encourages hoteliers and guests to be more environmentally conscious but also assists hotels that are interested in turning into eco-friendly establishments to do just that. TiCATi offers consulting services to help implement sustainable solutions to hotels that are interested in investing in the planet.