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Constance Moofushi Maldives

South Ari Atoll, 00200 Maldives, Maldives Access

Constance Moofushi Maldives

Constance Moofushi Maldives

South Ari Atoll - 0 MI North


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7 days prior to the nominal arrival time.Exceptions may apply- please see rate rules

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Property's Green Action

Being one with our space means acting on a human scale; sourcing fruits and vegetables locally and picking fresh produce from our herb garden. It means being transparent about the non-toxic products we choose to use and the recycling we do, so our island keeps its natural biodiversity.

We undertake various actions such as optimal use of air-conditioning and pool water, use of glass bottles instead of plastic, watering from rain water as well as recycling and composting.


Green Globe

Green Globe’s International Standard for Sustainable Tourism is a certification scheme that requires hotels to report on their sustainability performance throughout their supply chains. It traces its roots back to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where 182 Heads of State endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of Sustainable Development. The standards are a collection of over 330 compliance indicators that are applied to 41 individual sustainability criteria - these can be divided into four themes:

• Sustainable Management
• Social/Economic
• Cultural Heritage
• Environmental

Clients can calculate their CO2e footprint, the financial cost of that CO2e, and track their performance of energy and water consumption and non-recyclable waste production. The certification is only awarded to members that have a compliance rating of at least 51%. The award can then only be maintained if members continually improve by 3% every year.

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Ketan Bhavan
4 years ago – Google


An unbelievable time at the most amazing place I have ever been to.

Located in the South Ari Atoll this is a beautiful island with an amazing house reef.

Parts of the reef have suffered significant bleaching however the island is keen to recover their reef and have partaken in schemes to try to rebuild the damaged reefs which is really good to see.

Regardless, the reef offers many types of fish which are all beautiful, from the tang fish, clown fish and parrot fish etc., As well as reef sharks and even sting rays all seen commonly. If your lucky you'll even get to swim alongside turtles right on the islands reef! They also offer excursions to other reef spots if you wish to snorkel further out or dive elsewhere.

This is where Constance really shine.
As soon as you step off the plane in Male you are met with Constance staff who direct you to the airport lounge. From then you are treated respectfully and professionally by all members of the team for your entire stay.

The genuine smiles, the friendliness and helpfulness is unmatched and really shows how far the team is willing to go to ensure your stay is both memorable and without fault.

No matter what we needed, the entire team were happy to help and we can't fault them!

The food quality is of the highest standard, and although they only have one main restaurant and one a la carte restaurant, you won't be disappointed.

The one downside however was that vegetarian and vegan options are very limited. Being a foodie, a key reason I pick holidays is based on food and so honestly speaking the island needs to branch out with its vegetarian offerings (vegetarians don't just eat salad). I did find myself eating a lot of the same pizza and pasta due to the limited options many days or finding ways of making my own dishes based on the wide range of salads, breads and sides on offer.

However, saying that, once we spoke with Rifkhan in the restaurant team, he spoke with the chefs and was happy to make bespoke food just for us to ensure we always had something we liked to eat! This was a lovely touch and ensured we still enjoyed the great quality food!

I can't fault the staff for solving the issue, but we felt bad asking the chefs to make something every meal for us, so I do feel there should be more vegetarian main options on the buffet itself (other guests also asked for vegetarian options, and meat eaters can also eat vegetarian food so it feels like a win win to just offer more).

Nevertheless the quality cannot be questioned and we still ate our fair share of food whilst there! :).

High quality and very tasty!

Offering the usual cocktails seen everywhere, but also including the islands own cocktails or classics with a twist. They change their cocktails every 6 months to also offer something different to returning guests.

With Constance Moofushi, you do get what you pay for. It is paradise and so will naturally have a price tag to match. It's very expensive for normal income families like ourselves, however for that special occasion or once in a lifetime trip, it's worth stretching if you can.

We went thinking it would be a one off trip due to the price, however after going, our experience was so good that even though I never like to visit the same place twice, we definitely want to return here one day!

The best place I have ever been to and one we want to return to one day if we can afford it!
Expensive yes, but well worth the money as the service, quality and location will be hard to match anywhere else in the world.
Staff are the ones who really make this island great and a huge huge thank you to everyone at Constance Moofushi for making our honeymoon the best trip ever and for making us feel part of the Moofushi team!

Robert Fetters
4 years ago – Google


Probably the best week of our life on honeymoon. Absolutely recommend to anyone, did not have a single problem while we were there. Most relaxed I've ever been and the food was fantastic!

Sitthichai K
4 years ago – Google


Wonderful place. Attentive staffs and friendly feel. Clean and neat too.
Full board is recommended.

Håkon Eide
4 years ago – Google


Wonderful resort with great staff! Every effort is made to give you and your family the perfect island vacation! Beaches & walkways are kept perfect, food is awesome and drinks plentiful and refreshing! Staying here as a family of 6 ages from 15 to 50 as part of our double 50th birthday celebration, and it's everything we wished for.

Jenna Fowler
4 years ago – Google


This place was absolute paradise, we went for our honeymoon in June and loved everything. From the moment we arrived everyone was so lovely and helpful. Our water villa was gorgeous and I just loved being able to walk into the sea.
The food was also amazing!! So much choice and everything was delicious. The all inclusive drinks were also amazing, you can pretty much order anything you want at any point of the day.

The only downside for us was the sunset fishing trip, it wasn't how I imagined. We were on a large diesel boat which was so noisy and smelly it just wasn't how I pictured the trip, I thought it would be quite peaceful.
We did also do 2 dives and they were incredible. Saw sharks, turtles and a manta ray. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. The amount of fish you can see snorkeling from your water villa though is also incredible.

I couldn't fault the resort at all, the pool and beach were stunning and there were plenty of things to do. We didn't get bored once.
Would love to go back but it would have to be for a special occasion as it is such a special place.
We were worried about going in June as its supposed to be out of season but the weather was lush! Sunny and hot every day.
Couldn't recommend Constance Moofushi anymore, it was something else and something I will remember forever!