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LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan - 茶马古道奔子栏丽世酒店

Benzilan Town Deqin County - 德钦县奔子栏镇入口, Benzilan, 53 674501, China Access

LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan - 茶马古道奔子栏丽世酒店

Gateway to the glacier of Meili Snow Mountain National Park this hotel is located at the entrance of Benzilan village

Located within Benzilan Town Deqin County and 84Km from Shangri-La


LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan - 茶马古道奔子栏丽世酒店
Benzilan Town Deqin County - 德钦县奔子栏镇入口, Benzilan, 53 674501, China


  • General
    Connecting rooms
  • Hotel service
    24-hour security
  • Public address system
  • Security
  • Travelling with others
    Children welcome
  • Family plan
  • Accessible
    Accessible facilities


  • Bathroom
    Bathroom amenities
  • Hairdryer
  • Shower
  • Food & Beverage
  • Entertainment
  • General
    Air conditioning
  • Safe

Food and Drink

  • Outlets type

House policy

  • Check-in Time: 14:00
  • Check-out Time: 11:00

Cancel policy
See rate rules

Travel with others

Children policy
When children under 12 share parent's room there are free of charge on bed and breakfast basis

Payment type


Languages spoken

  • Chinese
  • English


Property's Green Action

Lighter, brighter holidays shouldn’t cost the Earth. And with the help of our guests, they don’t have to. At LUX*, we recognise that we have a duty of stewardship over the places we operate and the planet we inhabit, and we strive to achieve complete carbon neutrality in every LUX* resort and hotel. We ask every guest to give €1 a day to offset 100% of the carbon emitted during their stay. It’s a small price to pay, but it has an enormous impact.

Of the money raised, a third goes to carefully vetted offsetting projects in the regions where we operate. The rest is invested into pioneering measures and initiatives that lighten our footprint and improve our energy efficiency. So far, it’s enabled us to bottle our own water on site; to use chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning agents in housekeeping; to improve our waste management and recycling of everything from water (which irrigates our gardens) to kitchen oil (which is turned into biofuel), and to begin introducing low-energy plasma and LED lighting in every resort.

Rather than wasting paper, we’ve created the tablet-based booking system LUX* Valet to communicate products and services to our guests and, thanks to a motion-sensitive energy-management system, we’ve cut down on wasted energy when rooms are vacant, too.

There’s still more to be done of course, and we will continue to introduce new green technologies and eco initiatives over the coming years. Thanks to our guests, our tread gets lighter every day.

  •  Healthy interiors: use eco-labeled products to clean, paint and floor
  •  Local food

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