Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't find my reservation confirmation email. What should I do?

A: If you can't find your reservation confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folders.
For Hotmail and AOL users, the security settings can occasionally prevent the confirmation email from reaching you. If possible, please use an alternative email address.
If you cannot find your confirmation email in any of the folders, please sign in with your reservation confirmation number and email address.

Q: My card has been charged while my booking clearly states the amount can be paid later.

A: Please note that the hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize your credit card prior to arrival for busy dates to avoid the loss of a late cancellation fee by pre-authorizing for the cancellation amount for the first night stay.
Bookings made using a debit card may find that pre-authorization results in funds being deducted from your account. Some banks cannot set your funds into a "hold" status and automatically process the pre-authorization as a debit.
A pre-authorization is not a charge when booking with a credit card. It is simply the practice of having the ability to charge in the future by locking funds. The hotel has not received any payment but has locked the funds equivalent to the first night of stay.
In the event of cancellation of a booking prior to the hotel's notice period, pre-authorizations will be released. This process can take between 3-21 days, dependent upon the hotel. Any concerns with the release of this pre-authorization should be addressed with the property directly via the contact details on your booking confirmation.

Q: Why does TiCATi offer some special rates?

A: Most of our rates come directly from hotels. Hotels provide special rates for travelers that care about our environment. By reducing their carbon footprint, green travelers assist hotels to reduce their costs too. There are also special rates for seniors as well as members of AAA, CAA, AARP, CARP, government, business, and the army, valid upon presentation of the ID at check-in.

Q: I have already entered my payment details in TiCATi. Should I pay the hotel upon check-out?

A: Payment details are securely transmitted to the hotel to guarantee the reservation. Your card will be not be charged by the hotel unless otherwise stated in the rate or for a pre-authorization—see above.
TiCATi does not have access to payment details as per PCI security compliance. If your payment details are not valid, the hotel will contact you to guarantee your reservation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions at: