Green leaders

TiCATi strives to support Green Hotel Leaders committed toward green practices, such as: offering local, vegan and organic food - using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints to improve indoor air quality - cleaning with natural products - powering with renewable energies - reducing natural resources consumption - recycling - promoting clean transportation alternatives - supporting the local community and animal protection...TiCATi also increases interpersonal guest contact experiences by providing the opportunities to share your room, save money on your expenses and share moments with guests like you.

  • 1.

    Book a green trip in a minute!

    Whether you look for city break, head to the beach or the mountains, or to get lost in nature. TiCATi offers an interactive map with sophisticated filters and sorting function to help you choose a right accommodation that suits your needs, at the same time, take care of our health and our environment.

  • 2.

    We care too!

    TiCATi highlights the features you care, such as free WiFi, free breakfast, comfy bed, local and seasonal food, organic food, vegan friendly, free children meals, etc. for you to find easily a hotel as per your preferences. Let us know which features make your life better, we will personalize for you.

  • 3.

    Communicate hoteliers’ environmental and social initiatives

    TiCATi offers a platform for hoteliers to provide more information to you about their sustainability actions, such as sourcing local and seasonal foods, using alternative energy, managing property with effective waste treatment systems, supporting local community etc.

Behind the green ratings

The green rating goes up while a green hotel fit actions listed in the green certifications table. We improve this ranking all the time and you are part of it.

Get Involved, be part of the action!

TiCATi not only encourages hoteliers and guests to be more and more environmentally conscious, but also assists each voluntary hotel in turning into eco-friendly hotel. TiCATi offers service to propose sustainable hotel solutions to the hotels who want to protect the environment.